Best Buy’s new Apple Watch series 3 watches are priced at around $400 on

The company has not released any specs for the watch, but we’ve seen the watch on Amazon for about a month and it seems like it has a lot of potential.

The first watch in the series, the Apple Sport model, debuted in late September.

We reviewed the Sport watch earlier this year and it was an excellent purchase, but it’s not the best value at the moment.

The new model has a larger display and more features, but most importantly, it’s cheaper.

We’re excited to see what other Apple Watch owners are able to find with the new model, so stay tuned for more reviews on the watch.

The Sport model has the Apple watchOS 4 operating system, along with a few other apps and features, such as a fitness tracker, watch face, and an Apple Watch app.

The Sport watchOS is also compatible with the Apple Pay system, which is a big step up from previous iterations of Apple Watch.

The new watch also has a new Apple Pencil and the Apple Health app.

These are some of the features that we think are most notable for users of the new Apple Watches.

The Apple Pen is a great feature, as it allows users to annotate and share things with each other, which can be really helpful for sharing your favorite recipes and other things on the Apple App Store.

It’s a really useful addition to the Apple Watched experience, and you can even get a free copy of the app if you buy a new watch.

Apple’s Health app is also a new addition, which lets you track your health with your Apple Watch and see your progress.

We don’t know if it’ll be available in all of the stores, but you can sign up to get notified when the Health app arrives.

The Health app also has some cool new features that could make it a lot easier to keep track of your health, such in-app notifications and a sleep tracker.

The only other notable feature of the Health and HealthKit apps is the new “Heart Rate Monitor.”

The watch uses a proprietary sensor to detect your heart rate and then display it in real-time on the side of the watch itself.

You can see this data when you’re using the watch to monitor your fitness goals, but there’s no built-in heart rate monitor.

The watch can display this information on the screen itself, which we think is pretty cool.

The Health app uses a sensor to track your heart.

It looks cool, but the HealthKit app is more useful for tracking your sleep, eating, and exercising habits.

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