NHL News article The Toronto Maple Leafs have a power play that’s been the most effective in the league in recent years.

The Leafs rank second in power play chances (52.6 per cent) and third in power-play goals (10), but they’ve also allowed more goals than they’ve scored.

They’re also the only team in the top four in the NHL in the percentage of their shots that find the back of the net.

“We’ve got to find a way to find the power-forward position and play a lot of 1-1-1 and that’s the way to do it,” Leafs coach Mike Babcock said after Saturday’s game against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

“It’s going to take a lot more time to do that.”

Leafs power play coach John Scott and general manager Lou Lamoriello say they’re excited to add the skill to the mix.

“I think we have a lot to be proud of,” Scott said.

The other goals were from a lot better positions than we had in the past. “

The first goal, it didn’t come out of the blue.

The other goals were from a lot better positions than we had in the past.

But I think the overall power play has been one of the better power play units in the game, if not the best in the League.”

While the Leafs power-game is in the best shape it’s been in, Scott said it’s just not a perfect power play.

“You don’t want to get too caught up in how good your power play is,” Scott told reporters Saturday.

When we get that, I think that’s going

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