Electronic Arts is gearing up to launch a new kind of game console, which it’s calling the Electronic Battleship, which will compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro and Microsoft’s Xbox One X. The new console, called the Electronic Combat Ship, will come with a “console of war” that is designed to allow gamers to “fight like a real war hero.”

The ship will have a 360-degree camera, a microphone, a gamepad, and can carry up to four players.

The Electronic Combat Ships “console will allow players to be more aggressive in their attacks, and will allow the players to use multiple weapons in combat,” according to EA.

The company is calling the new console the “Electronic Battle Ship” and says it’s “in a great position to dominate the future of online gaming and entertainment.”

“EA has always been focused on the gaming world, but we’re going to build the best console we can to compete with the best online gaming platforms, including the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One,” EA CEO Andrew Wilson told reporters.

“We have to be smart in the way we do things to keep up with the world of gaming.”

EA said it will also include a free-to-play online game for the Electronic Battle Ship.

The “console is designed with ease of use, affordability, and flexibility,” according a statement on EA’s website.

The ship’s console will be launched in late 2018, and it will have an MSRP of $499, which includes access to EA’s Origin service, a subscription-based online game marketplace.

EA said in a statement that the Electronic battleship will be a “revolutionary” console, adding that it’s the first “console to be built from the ground up to provide a real-time multiplayer experience that matches real-life battlefields.”

The Electronic Battle Ships console will feature a “360-degree video camera,” a microphone with microphones for up to six players, a controller that will allow gamers “to be more aggressive in their assaults, and a game pad that will provide a new type of gamepad.”

It will also be able to carry up “up to four gamers,” the statement said.

“EA is always looking for new ways to drive innovation and game-changing innovation in our business, and this new console gives us the opportunity to do just that,” EA said.

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