When it came to choosing an electricity source, it was a bit of a puzzle.

There were several options, like gas, propane or coal, but none were particularly great options, said Michael Davenport, president of the Energy & Utilities Institute.

He says you should also look at the size of your household, which can make a difference.

“The smaller the household, the more electricity you need to use, so you should definitely consider that when you’re choosing the kind of electricity that you want,” he said.

“There’s some utility companies that are making money off this and that is why they’re looking for the cheapest way to use electricity.”

Davenports says there are two different types of power plants.

The first is an electric plant that uses natural gas, which burns coal to generate electricity.

The second is a hybrid, which uses both natural gas and electricity.

Davenps says gas plants are more efficient than coal-fired plants.

“If you look at what happens with natural gas in a coal-burning power plant, the coal is burned more, so it produces more heat and less CO2,” he explained.

The cost of natural gas The cost for natural gas has been falling in recent years, which has led to more and more people switching to natural gas as an alternative to coal, according to the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers Association.

According to the organization, the cost of buying natural gas for electricity dropped by 40 per cent between 2012 and 2016, and now accounts for almost half of all electricity generation.

In fact, the average cost of power from natural gas-fired electricity generation dropped by almost 30 per cent, according the American Energy Alliance.

According the report, about 75 per cent of electricity from natural-gas plants comes from a mix of coal, natural gas or natural gas liquids.

There are some factors that make natural gas particularly attractive.

“It’s cheap to produce,” said Davenp.

“So the prices are very competitive.”

Dvorsky says if you’re looking to use natural gas to generate power, you can do it by using an off-grid home, building a solar system or buying renewable energy credits.

Dvotsky says solar is a great option because you can use solar panels to power your home and your car.

He also suggests a mix between hydroelectric and solar, but says the difference is in how much you pay for electricity.

“In the case of hydro, there’s a little bit more cost in the cost per kilowatt hour and in the overall cost of electricity, but you’re getting more bang for your buck in terms of the savings,” he noted.

He recommends buying solar panels, then buying a power plan, and then adding the power plan to your electric bill, since you’re paying for the energy itself.

According a report released last month by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, a lot of consumers are not aware of how much electricity they’re paying to use.

The agency found that just one-third of Americans were aware that their bills were going up.

In addition, many of those who are aware of their bills are not sure how to reduce their use, because they don’t know what the prices will be for other uses, such as home maintenance and home appliances.

“We are finding that many people who are paying their electric bill are unaware of the cost they are paying for electricity, even though they’re consuming the energy,” said Michael P. Cramer, senior energy analyst at Consumers Union.

“That can lead to a lot more confusion about how much energy they’re getting, what the costs are for other things.”

He says it’s a bit confusing to see a price for electricity on your utility bill, but that’s why you should take the time to check your bills and see what you’re actually paying.

The American Energy Council estimates that about 15 per cent to 30 per% of consumers don’t realize how much their electricity bills are going up because they’re not paying for it, and it’s also a big problem for energy companies.

Ceren says many utilities don’t bother to report the increase in electricity costs on their bills.

“Some utilities may not be reporting it, but others may not,” she said.

Some consumers aren’t aware of what they’re being charged for, and that’s what Dvowersky recommends.

He suggests using an app like GasBuddy to find out exactly what your electricity bill is.

“You can also use the app to see if the energy you use will cost you more when you sell it,” he added.

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