The world’s most abundant element borons, a ‘new’ element found in a surprising place

boronic acid (BA), a new element found only in nature, has been discovered in the Arctic in the Far North, researchers report.

The discovery was reported in the journal Nature.

The researchers said the finding could be used to “defeat the current climate change paradigm” by unlocking new research and creating a more robust, renewable energy source for the Arctic.

The Arctic has a history of extreme weather and climate change, as it has been locked in a series of cold winters for over a century, with the ice caps melting and glaciers retreating due to climate change.

In 2015, scientists discovered the first borony-containing mineral known as kyanite in the area, which they say is a precursor to the discovery of borocarbon.

“This discovery gives us a new way of looking at the properties of borosilicates,” said the lead researcher from the Norwegian Centre for Environmental Research and the Centre for Applied Nuclear Physics in Bergen, Norway, in a statement.

“We think that this discovery could open up a new, new era for understanding the formation and structure of boro-carbon.”

Borosilicate mineral, borosilectane boride, is a common element in nature but is one of the rarest in the universe.

It is composed of oxygen atoms that form a metallic lattice that can hold water and hydrogen atoms.

It was first discovered by German chemist Alfred Wegener in 1872.

In 1897, another Norwegian chemist, Alexander von Humboldt, discovered it, but its existence was not well known.

“We knew that there was a natural source of boric acid but we didn’t know how it was formed,” said lead author Dr Kristin Kjeldsen, from the University of Bergen.

“This is an important step forward because we are able to use these rare elements to solve our problems.”

The discovery was made by the Norwegian Institute of Natural Resources (NINR), which was led by Dr Katarina Pålsson, from NINR’s Center for Energy and Environment.

“The discovery of these elements gives us the chance to develop a more viable solution to our energy needs in the near future,” she said.

“In addition to the potential for energy production, the element boroside is also of interest to the Arctic and its resources, including the permafrost.

In the future, this element may be used in the synthesis of new biofuels.”

Borocarbons are a type of mineral that are used to make plastics and other plastics, such as polyethylene, which can be produced using water, ammonia and carbon dioxide as the raw materials.

They are used in a variety of industrial processes, from creating plastics for use in pharmaceuticals to cleaning and air filtration products.

Boron atoms are the building blocks of other minerals such as magnesium, potassium and sodium.

They have also been discovered as a common precursor to gold, the most common metal in the world.

“It is important to note that the composition of borasilicate borohydroxide is completely different from the borosilic acid used in this study,” said co-author Dr Rolf Nilsen, from Bergen University’s School of Earth and Ocean Sciences.

“However, the fact that the borone-bearing mineral can be obtained by chemistry does not mean that it is the most abundant boroid mineral in nature.”

The team said that while it is “difficult to find borates in nature”, the discovery provides the opportunity to create more reliable sources of these rare minerals.

“There are many bororosilates in the Earth’s crust that have not yet been found,” Dr Pålsson added.

“But the finding that borosulfate borophosphate is an element that is found in the crust of the Earth provides new insights into how the crust formed and its processes.”

Our discovery shows that we have an alternative way to produce borosuside, a mineral that is currently very rare in nature,” she added.

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