A new electronic cigarette, titanium, is getting more mainstream.

Electronic Timeshets says it’s going to be the most popular device ever manufactured by the company.

The company says the titanium version will be on the market in two to three months.

The electronic cigarette is the latest device from a small but growing group of makers of electronic devices.

The first devices made of titanium were created in the 1980s by a Swedish company called Energizer.

They sold for about $20,000, but now the company is producing titanium versions for about twice that.

These devices use a titanium electrode that’s made of a material called titanium nitride.

The titanium electrode is heated to a very high temperature and it becomes transparent.

The vapor produced by the device is not vaporized.

The only thing that’s produced is smoke.

Electronic cigarettes are the latest in a line of devices that combine nicotine, heating element and other chemicals to create an inhale that lasts for about an hour.

There’s no tobacco or tar in them, so they’re not addictive.

But they’re different from traditional cigarettes because the nicotine is vaporized rather than burned.

The downside is that the vapor is not as clean as a cigarette but that’s because it’s being produced from a lower-quality product.

Electronic cigarette companies are growing rapidly.

The American Vaping Association says the industry has more than 20,000 vendors worldwide.

Electronic Cigarette maker Vapir says the company sells over 100,000 products.

Vapur is a subsidiary of Swedish company Energize, which is owned by billionaire industrialist Carl Icahn.

In March, Energizers sales jumped by 25 percent.

Icahn bought the company for $1.5 billion in 2011.

He has been investing in other companies that make electronic cigarettes.

But Energisers chief executive said the company has an important market to serve.

“It is a very unique product,” Energitz chief executive Norbert Häger told Swedish media.

“The fact that this product is being developed with the help of some of the biggest names in the world means that we are very well positioned to compete with all the other brands.”

It’s not the first time titanium has found its way into the mainstream.

A few years ago, the U.S. military ordered 40 titanium electronic cigarettes from a company in Japan called Titanium Tech.

The Pentagon wanted to test the devices in the field and the order went out.

The U.K. military recently ordered 30 titanium electronic cigarette packs from a supplier.

In June, the European Union ordered 100, and China has ordered 60.

Energites chief executive Hägers says titanium is a high-tech material and will have a long-term effect on the global market.

“I can tell you that titanium will be the standard in the next five to 10 years,” he told Swedish broadcaster SVT.

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