By 2020, most consumers will be using an electronic device with an e-reader.

The number of e-readers is set to double by the end of the decade, and by 2020, about half of all Americans will own one.

But what does the future hold for electronic sales?

According to one analyst, it’s not so bright.

“In the long term, electronic sales will continue to grow,” says Paul J. Riechmann, an analyst with the research firm eMarketer.

“But the volume and volume per unit are not sustainable.”

One of the biggest challenges is to keep up with the pace of technology changes that are changing how people use their devices.

For example, the size of an ereader is growing rapidly, and the amount of battery power it can draw has also grown.

In the past, e-reading devices had to be larger than the display, and these devices often required larger batteries.

And, while a device with the size and power to read a book may not be quite as big as the Kindle, the books still sell well.

The rise of eReaders is expected to make it easier for companies to capture the e-market, especially in the big cities.

“You can sell it on the street for a lot less than what you can get from Amazon,” says Jody D. O’Leary, an industry analyst at the consulting firm Technomic.

“That’s why the eReader is so appealing.”

The eRead-store has been around since the 1980s, but it was a relatively small part of eCommerce until Amazon launched the Kindle in 2012.

As of today, Amazon has over 3.5 million Kindle eRead devices sold, more than all the devices in the entire world combined.

The Kindle is a tablet that looks like a smartphone but runs on Amazon’s Kindle operating system.

It has a touchscreen, a built-in camera, and can be used to read and read and write e-books.

The company says it sells over 20 million Kindle devices every month.

It’s not hard to see why it’s such a popular device: It’s smaller, lighter, more compact than a traditional Kindle and has an edge over competitors like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Apple’s iPad Mini.

The eReader has become the most popular e-commerce device since the Kindle launched.

Amazon says the device has sold over 20.8 million units since the start of the year, more that all the combined sales of all the major e-tailers.

Amazon has also been successful at driving demand in the U.S. in the past few years, and it’s likely that this will continue into the future.

Amazon’s success has attracted the attention of companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services, which are vying for a piece of the eReader pie.

“We believe that the growth of eBooks and the growing popularity of the Kindle will help to drive the growth in e-services,” said Kevin McNulty, vice president of sales for Amazon Web Service in a recent investor call.

The eReads market share in the United States is expected increase by a staggering 70% by the year 2020, according to eMarketers.

But the growth has also come at a huge price.

According to Nielsen, the eReading market has fallen from 4.4% in 2014 to 3.9% in 2020.

And the number of people who are reading eBooks is falling.

“Ebooks are growing faster than the average reading speed,” writes Brian S. Fiedler, an economist with the American Enterprise Institute.

“And the growth rate of ebooks has been accelerating in recent years, which is why the market for reading books is now in danger of plateauing.”

Amazon, which recently closed a deal with eMarkets to launch an eReadbook service, says it is investing $2 billion in eReadbooks to bring the market to parity with Amazon’s eBooks.

But the eStore, which was founded in 2014 and now offers more than 50,000 eBooks, has been struggling to gain traction.

“The market for eBooks has stagnated,” says John R. Miller, chief operating officer of eStore.

“The eStore is not as attractive as we thought.

It needs to be replaced with something that can compete with the Kindle.”

While the eMarketplaces is a great way to buy books, it doesn’t have the same appeal as a physical store.

There’s no shelf space to hold the books, no physical catalog to buy them, and there’s no way to order them online.

“There’s not a single place that has a physical bookstore that people can come to,” says Dina Pugh, an associate professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

“If they want to order a Kindle, they have to do it in-person, and they can’t order

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