Roland Electronics Drummers Will Work With NJ Gov. Cory Booker To Create Electric Drum Set

The Newark Electronics Drummer Guild announced Tuesday that it will create a new electric drum set for NJ Gov.-elect Cory Booker to use in his New Jersey campaign events.

The Guild’s Executive Director, Rob Roeland, said the new set will be a “high quality” and will be the first to use the company’s patented Electrojs Drumset.

“This is a first for us.

We have been working with Cory Booker on the campaign for over a year, and we have worked with him to get this set into production,” Roeland said.”

We have been very proud of Cory Booker for making such a big deal about the Electrojs kit.

The Electrojs set is the most technologically advanced drumset in the world and we want to make sure that this is an important part of his campaign.”

As an electronics engineer, I feel privileged to be working with such an innovator like Cory Booker, who is taking on a huge challenge in this election,” Roiland added.

The Electrojs drumset will be used at Newark’s State of the City address on April 29.

The announcement comes as Cory Booker’s team prepares to introduce its electric drumset at the State of The City address.

It is also a step in the right direction, according to Roeland.”

Electronic drums are the future of music.

This will be another step in that direction,” he said.

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