Microsoft has finally spoken.

In a blog post published late Tuesday, the company outlined a strategy to move its software into the cloud, with a view to delivering services on a global scale.

In the past, Microsoft has struggled to get users to use its products on the Web.

But as the company has moved more of its core products and services onto the cloud and as it has become increasingly reliant on cloud-based services, the platform has become a key battleground for competitors.

Microsoft is now building a strategy around a “single cloud architecture,” the blog post said.

“This architecture will allow us to deliver all of our core services, including Windows, Office, and Skype for business.

This is going to help us scale our business and drive value for our customers.”

The company is also taking steps to move away from its Microsoft Surface platform, which it bought in 2012.

The company has been slowly shifting its computing and operating systems to Windows 8, which runs on Windows Server 2012 R2.

The new architecture also includes a new platform for Windows 8 apps and services.

Microsoft has also been working on a new service called Azure, a service it has promised to launch later this year, and has been trying to bring new features and features to its Windows 10 software that it hasn’t yet built.

Microsoft was also one of the early tech companies to offer its Windows 8 customers a discount on its Surface Pro 4.

That discount is now gone, though Microsoft is continuing to offer the Pro 4 as an upgrade for the new Surface Pro 8, a cheaper version of the Pro.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro line of laptops has long been a seller for Dell and HP.

It has a range of devices, but Microsoft also offers a range, including the Surface RT, Surface RT 4, and Surface Pro 7.

The Surface RT series was launched in April 2017, and the RT 4 was announced in June.

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