Electronics for kids are on the rise, with more than 40 million children aged four to eight spending an average of more than $200 per month on electronics.

But with a growing number of kids looking to buy the latest gadgets, it’s clear that it’s a growing trend.

While the price of a toy and gadget varies by country, electronics for kids is on the increase, with a rising number of children looking to spend more The most common type of electronic toy and gadgets, with prices ranging from $200 to $1,200, are toys like toys for kids with autism, toys for toddlers and the like.

But there are also new toys, gadgets and accessories available for younger kids, which is changing the trend.

Here’s a look at some of the hottest electronics for children and how they’re priced.

Key points:There are currently more than 50 million children ages four to 8 using electronics to learn technology”Kids are spending more on electronics for electronics”The majority of kids buy electronics for their devices and not for other things”But the trend could soon be changing: The most popular electronics for youngsters are toys for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs)A growing number are finding ways to integrate electronics into their lives, and that could soon lead to a growing market.

The most popular type of electronics for toddlers is for children aged under four, with toys for young children ranging from toys for adults and children with special needs ranging from a smartphone to a game console to a television.

The price of these toys and devices are also on the upswing, with many of them being $200-$1,000, while children’s accessories for a range of gadgets range from $40-$100.

Some toys, for example, are for the little ones, and children aged between four and eight have been buying $40 to $100 smartphones, iPads and games consoles, with older kids looking at up to $200 and $250 for the same products.”

It’s getting a little bit more affordable and kids are getting the best prices and we’re seeing kids spend more on their electronics,” said Sarah Glynn, managing director of the Electronic Retailers Association.

While some kids have also been buying a range from the likes of Nintendo and Microsoft, a lot of the toys and electronics that kids are spending on are for kids and not just their parents, Ms Glynn said.”

A lot of parents are trying to balance it out with other things and spending more money on electronics, but they’re also looking at other things as well.

“For example, the Apple Watch is really popular for kids, so they’re spending a lot more on the Apple watch.”

Ms Glynn was keen to emphasise that while the trend has seen prices increase, it is not a trend that is a guarantee of success.

“I think kids are looking for toys and other accessories that are different and for the most part, we’re not seeing a trend for electronics for little kids,” she said.

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