The latest electronic gadget in the Jay electronics family has just hit the shelves in the UK, and it’s a real steal.

The device, dubbed Jay-1, is an ultra-low cost, microcontroller powered electronic signature generator (EDS).

It’s a fairly big deal.

It’s the first commercially available EDS that can generate electronic signatures of any kind, including a video signal, an audio signal and an image, and Jay-2 will also allow the user to create digital signatures.

This sounds like a fairly impressive piece of kit, but the reality is it’s not.

Unlike other EDSs, Jay-3 does not generate digital signatures, but instead uses an analogue-to-digital converter to process a video stream of up to 20,000 frames per second, or a photo image up to 3.5 megapixels wide. 

The Jay-5 also uses a similar approach, but this time the digital signal is encoded in a format called H.264.

This means the Jay-4, Jay‑6 and Jay‑7 all have the same level of fidelity as an HD video file, but it means that the Jay EDS can generate a digital signature of any type.

If you want to create your own digital signatures in a simple digital signature generator like the one pictured above, then you need to get one of these devices, but if you want more complex signatures, then Jay-6 and the Jay‑8 are a good bet.

In terms of functionality, Jay EDs can be used for video editing, audio synthesis and even music production.

Jay-1 is the latest device in the family, and its price tag is £25.99 ($36.55) and it comes with a range of different functions including an internal memory to store all the settings, as well as a USB interface, the ability to read and write the digital signature from the microcontroller and the ability for users to connect a MIDI keyboard and control it from the device.

The Jay ESDs are now available to buy online and the price is £29.99.

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