Posted September 06, 2018 07:07:42A battery that uses sodium as a charge electrode has found an unexpected application in the field of biofuels: powering a car.

In a research paper published on Tuesday, the University of California at Berkeley’s Argonne National Laboratory showed how a sodium-containing polymer can convert hydrogen ions to electrons.

“This is a really exciting and interesting material for this type of battery,” said Andrew J. Bostrom, Argonne’s director of energy and environmental technologies.

“It’s one of the most promising materials for this sort of battery.”

The research team used the polymer, which was found in the same family as lead-acid batteries, as the electrodes for a hybrid battery.

The team says the polymer’s ability to store a large amount of energy makes it ideal for applications that use a large energy source, like an electric car.

“The electrolyte is very simple.

There’s only one electrode, which we call a metal electrode,” said Michael A. Wysocki, a professor of chemistry and materials science at the University at Buffalo and a member of the research team.

“The electrolytes are very simple and very stable, and they have a high conductivity.”

The polymer also has a number of important features, including its ability to hold a high concentration of hydrogen ions in a liquid form, which makes it the ideal electrode for biofuel production.

This, the researchers say, is the first time a polymer has been used in an electric vehicle.

The polymer’s electrolyte, a metal, is used as the primary electrode, and the researchers found that the polymer was able to store up to 40 percent more hydrogen ions when used in this form.

“We think this is a very promising material,” Bostom said.

The researchers’ work could have a huge impact on the way batteries are used in the future.

“This is the only way that you can actually make a sustainable battery,” Wysicki said.

“We can have all of the different materials in the world, but you can’t make one that has all the potential.”

The team has been working on this research for about a year, but they’re now working on a way to improve the polymer so that it can be used in more diverse applications.

“Our next step is to actually develop a better polymer and figure out what the optimal process is,” Wosicki told the AP.

While the polymer has the potential to make batteries that run on a large scale, Bostro says it could also be used for a number different applications.

For example, a car could use the battery to power an electric motor, or it could power a car in a way that would enable it to take off and go somewhere quickly.

“If you can make this into a hybrid, you can go a lot faster than a traditional battery,” Besser said.

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