An electronic recycling machine is often a lifesaver, but a simple click on the ‘Recycle’ button doesn’t always mean the machine is running properly.

The Irish paper, The Irish Examiner, reports that the Irish Government is introducing a new directive to all operators that say that a machine will be shut down if there is no sign of any rubbish being collected.

The new directive was issued last week to operators of all electronic recycling machines across the country.

The directive states that if there are no signs of any recyclable materials being collected within 15 minutes after the device has been turned on, it will be removed from service.

The operators will have the right to appeal the decision.

In a statement, the Department of Environment said: “The new directive will help ensure that operators of electronic recycling units do not need to be shut out of service if there was no sign the recycling unit was functioning.

It also provides for the operator to have the opportunity to review the decision within 30 days.”

It is understood that the directive will only apply to the majority of Irish electronic recycling operations.

The paper reports that in a survey of more than 2,000 of the largest operators in the country, only 7% were satisfied with the decision to close the unit down.

The other 50% were unsatisfied with the directive and expressed concern about the effect it would have on them.

The Independent reported in January that the Government has also asked for more information about how many machines it wants to shut down and the reasons behind its decision to do so.

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