A watermelon clock is a device that allows you to watch the time on your smartphone while drinking a beer, according to the makers of the device.

It’s based on the idea of the “watermelon” clock, which was originally a toy created by an American engineer in 1893.

Now, a device called the Watermelon Time Clock has been created in just under four minutes by a team of developers at Stanford University.

The Watermelon Timer is based on an old, common-sense idea that allows for easy monitoring of your time on a smartphone.

As you can imagine, this is an ambitious project for any team, and it’s one of the most challenging to make.

But the creators say the clock’s timekeeping is simple, efficient, and accurate.

The clock works by monitoring a combination of a number of sensors, including an infrared camera, a barometric altimeter, a pressure sensor, a magnetic sensor, and a temperature sensor.

All of these sensors are embedded in a flexible, waterproof case.

This is made possible by a special type of material called electrochemically treated polyester (EDP), which makes the clock completely waterproof and resistant to the elements.

This type of waterproofness makes it incredibly durable, and can be repaired without damaging the device’s functionality.

“When you put it on, it’s completely sealed, which means it’s 100 percent waterproof,” says lead developer Chris Hargreaves.

“So when you put the case on, you can just pop it off and put it in your pocket and take it out and put your phone away and take the next morning.”

Hargrains says that this case design is a natural extension of the traditional watermelon design.

“We knew that if we wanted to do a timepiece with this sort of shape, we wanted it to be able to withstand the elements, so it was a good fit for this particular design,” he says.

The team is currently working on making the clock fully waterproof, but it’s still not finished.

For now, the clock works just fine, but Hargrsays hopes that it will be able the work on its waterproofing.

The device also has an app for controlling the clock and using a smartphone to track your steps.

The app will allow you to create a custom watch face, which will also have a time and a countdown.

“One of the big questions is: How do you make a timekeeping app that can actually be used in the field?”

Hargsays says.

“If you have a timer that has to be monitored, you might not be able use it for things like running a marathon or anything like that.”

The Watermelons Timer also has a couple of other neat features that make it even more useful: it can tell time on any type of smartphone and work on any device.

The watermelon timer will be released in April 2019.

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