The future of the electronic dog door may have arrived.

As Israeli President Shimon Peres, a long-time fan of the device, has made clear, the “dog door” is just the latest of a string of technological breakthroughs that will transform Israel’s future.

But while the Israeli government has invested in a number of innovative projects in recent years, the device is unique in its ability to unlock a room without a key or a password.

And unlike many of the other new innovations coming out of Israel, it has also provided a tangible way for the country to share its own unique brand of security with the world.

“It’s not just a new door,” said Avi Gavril, a security expert at Tel Aviv University and author of the forthcoming book Cybersecurity: A Vision for a Future.

“It’s a unique way of being in the world.”

The Israeli security system is still being designed.

The prototypes will need to be tested in a variety of locations and conditions, with many of them being closed off to outsiders, and only a small portion of the public.

Israel is still trying to develop its own digital security system, but its early efforts include a version of the dog door which can be unlocked by pressing a button on a mobile phone or tablet, with the door still having to be manually unlocked.

In addition, the Israeli security company Avid has been working on an enhanced version of its system, called Cybersecurity II.

The new version includes a digital key which can only be used to unlock the door.

In addition, users are asked to provide their physical address, which can then be entered into a smartphone or tablet.

But it is not yet clear if the new version will have access to any personal information, like names or home addresses, that would be collected by a similar system in the United States.

Avid’s Cybersecurity system has been in development for more than a decade.

It uses advanced technology to detect a number known as “bouncebacks,” or fluctuations in signals from the outside world.

When a security system detects a change in one of these signals, it sends an alert to the owner of the system, in the form of a text message.

The alert warns them of the possibility of a “security breach,” and the system then activates an alarm which alerts the police.

The Israeli government, however, has said it wants to develop a system that would automatically detect any change in the bounceback signals, and respond to them in real time.

It would also enable the system to automatically identify any new threats to the security system.

Even so, the security company says that it still needs to test its system before it can say whether it will be ready for prime time.

Ava Gavil says that the Israeli system, which is not fully operational, would still have the ability to detect an intruder with an alarm.

However, Avid, which has received funding from the Israel Defense Forces, has already been criticized by Israeli officials for having too little experience in the field.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that it will take many years for the system’s development to reach the critical mass of testing that is needed for a full deployment.

The new technology is being developed by Avid in collaboration with Israel’s military.

Avid is based in Tel Aviv, but it has offices in New York and Israel.

Its CEO, Eran Shapiro, has also been in charge of a number other security-related businesses in the country.

Aviv said it was already working on a number different aspects of the security product, but did not offer a specific timeline for when it would be ready.

According to Shapiro, Avi has developed a number unique technologies, including the ability for an Israeli to remotely lock a door remotely using an external computer.

This technology is still in its early stages, but he said it could be ready in the next six months.

Shapiro said he expects to be able to launch the new system by the end of the year.

Avi is also working on software to allow for the detection of the “bouncing” of the bouncebacks and other signals.

But that system is not ready for production yet, and Avid said it is still working on making the system available to the public in Israel.

In a recent interview with the Israeli news website Ynet, Avit said that Avid’s security system will have a keypad that is used for keyloggers, a device that can be remotely accessed.

Shapir said that the keypad is used to record information about keystrokes, and the company has already received requests from security agencies in the US and elsewhere for this data.

Shaad Mughrabi, an analyst with the Institute for National Security Studies, said that Israel was taking a unique approach to security.

Mughrabi noted that the country has been developing

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