Colombia calls for the removal of Colombia’s anti-terrorism law

Colombia, which has seen dozens of bombings in the past year, called for an end to the countrys anti-terror law, which critics say makes it easier to kill people suspected of terrorism.

The Colombian government, which took power in late 2013 after a decade of civil war, says it has made improvements to the law in recent years, but critics say the changes haven’t been sufficient.

“The new legislation has been effective, but the real progress we need is for the government to do more to ensure the rights of Colombians to be safe from terror,” said Jose de la Cruz, head of the Colombian Association of Journalists.

Colombia’s law has long been criticized for being vague, but it was expanded in December and made available to journalists and other groups.

The law has been under fire by the government and other rights groups because it grants broad immunity to those accused of terrorism and makes it harder to detain people.

The law allows for the detention of up to two years for anyone accused of an “incitement to commit an act of terrorism,” and it allows the prosecutor to issue death sentences in cases of murder.

It also allows judges to impose sentences of life imprisonment without parole for anyone convicted of terrorism-related crimes.

In 2013, more than 50 people were killed by bomb-carrying police in the southern city of Quito, sparking protests that led to the resignation of the country’s president.

The latest bombing occurred on Monday, when a van carrying Colombian police officers exploded in Bogota, killing six people and injuring eight.

The attack was the deadliest in Colombia since a bomb killed two policemen in the Colombian capital of Bogota in December 2016.

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