Alhambras has long been a destination for artists and creatives in the region.

But the owners of this coffee shop in the middle of the city of Cancún say they have made it a destination again.

Nicole Hernandez is a designer from Mexico City.

She is currently designing a mural for the new shop.

It is a piece she has been working on for two years.

“We were in a very difficult situation, we had been in a real difficult situation for many years,” she says.

Her mural depicts the lives of artists from different eras and is titled “Sugar, Meat, and the Devil.”

She says the mural is inspired by the many cultures, different countries, and cultures that inhabit the area.

“There are so many things in Alhamba, there are so much culture and it’s so hard to create something that’s so unique,” Hernandez says.

Cigarro de Alhamra opened its doors to the public in February.

It has about 50 customers who come to check out the shop.

It was only the beginning for the coffee shop, which is named after its owner, Alhamran, a Cuban immigrant who has lived in the city for more than 150 years.

Alhamrean has been running the shop since 1996.

The owners say it’s important to have a welcoming atmosphere.

“I’m not trying to sell you anything, I’m trying to give you the experience that I think you’ll be happy with,” Hernandez explains.

“And I think this is one of the reasons why I think we are the perfect place for us to do it.”

The owners of Cigarro De Alhamramo say the café has been around for generations.

And they’re proud to bring it back to the area.

“This is the last one of this kind of cafe in the world, so the place is not going to be used for anything else,” Hernandez tells The Associated Press.

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