The Atom X930 is a chip with some pretty exciting potential, and with a new release it’s now in the hands of some of the world’s top smartphone makers.

The Atom has been around since 2014, but has had some minor improvements over the last year.

It now supports faster CPUs and faster GPUs, and it’s been designed with faster CPU cores.

It also supports up to 64GB of RAM, and has been optimized for graphics, and other applications.

That means it’s a bit faster than the iPhone X, but not quite as fast as Apple’s new iPhone XS or iPhone XR.

The new chip features an updated design and is the latest addition to the Atom family.

It has the same core design as the Atom X920, and the same number of CPU cores, but it’s got a few tweaks to make things a bit more interesting.

For starters, the new Atom X925 is powered by a 12-core “X9” design, and there are some other differences.

It uses an eight-core chip instead of a six-core, and a new “L1 cache” has been added to improve the performance of the chip.

That makes it much faster than other phones that use an eight core design, but also makes it less powerful than older chips.

That’s not to say it’s going to be a winner in the high-end market, but at least it’s an interesting design that will hopefully be a little cheaper than its predecessor.

The chip also includes an Adreno 530 GPU, which is a bit of a disappointment, as it’s not available in most of the smartphones out there right now.

The Adreno 540 is another GPU that has been available in a handful of phones over the years, and some of those chips have gotten better and better.

That GPU is also faster than Adreno 330, which was the GPU used in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. It’s definitely a more powerful GPU than Adrenos 330, and that’s why it has a lower price tag.

In the high end, the Atom comes with 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM, up from 8GB on the X925.

That should be enough for most users, and while it’s slower than other GPUs, the X930 should be able to handle more games and applications.

The Adreno 430 GPU is now included in the new X930, and you can find it in all the devices you can buy right now, from $200 to $300.

You’ll also find an Nvidia Shield Android TV that supports up the graphics to support 4K.

The X930 will be available in November, but we’re still waiting for the device to arrive in the U.S. The chip itself will be priced around $270.

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