A bunch of retro electronics from the ’80s and ’90s are being auctioned on eBay for a cool $25,000!

An antique electronic kit from the early ’80’s that’s now worth $25 million is being auctionered on eBay.

The kit includes an early Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), a NES-compatible video game cartridge, and a game cartridge slot.

The item, which is named the NES Power Disc, was auctioned in January for $25.5 million.

That makes it the largest auction of an item from the era, according to the auction site,

It comes in a nice condition, with no damage to the game cartridges, the cartridge slot, or the game console.

A few items on eBay were sold for significantly less, but that’s the exception rather than the rule.

The NES Power disc, a Nintendo Entertainment system cartridge, the NES game cartridge and an NES cartridge slot are on display at an antique electronic display.

The auction is part of an effort to help promote preservation efforts to preserve the legacy of Nintendo.

The NES PowerDisc is among the rarest NES cartridges on the planet.

(CBS News/Jeff Roberson)The NES was a huge success, according a 1986 interview with NES’ chief marketing officer John Shigesawa.

The company launched the first commercial video game in 1983 and later licensed games for other platforms, including the Nintendo Entertainment Systems (NES) and Game Boy.

But the NES was never the best of both worlds.

Nintendo didn’t have the best reputation for reliability, the company said.

It was a lot of fun to play, but it wasn’t the most reliable.

The game industry was undergoing a change at the time.

The era of handhelds, which were much cheaper to manufacture, was over.

The industry was embracing the digital era, where consumers could buy games on demand.

Nintendo, meanwhile, was losing its control of the consoles.

In 1993, the gaming console maker filed for bankruptcy.

Auction house auctioneer John Schulte, owner of auctioneers Sotheby’s and Sothebys, said he’s seeing a surge in interest in vintage electronics.

Schultes said he hasn’t seen any bidding wars at auction, but he’s hearing from people who are interested.

He said he expects to be able to handle the auction for another six months, but hopes to sell at least 100 to 200 items.

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